Verizon CDN Rules for Redirects

In Part 1 of this post we setup a website using an Azure Storage Acct and configured the Verizon Premium CDN endpoint with SSL certificates to host our custom domain name. In this post we’ll look at the configuration necessary to redirect http to https using the Verizon tools provided via the Azure portal.

Azure Storage for Your Website

Use Azure Storage and Verizon CDN to create a custom website using your own domain name for a few cents a month. In this article we will also look at how to setup https for the website and redirect domain name requests to index.html. Seems like a piece of cake… until you actually try it.

Installing a Custom Certificate in Azure CDN

Today we are going to look at what it takes to install a custom certificate in an Azure CDN. In my last post I created a certificate using the Let’s Encrypt process that we’ll use in Azure CDN. Some folks may have a specific issuer they want to use or perhaps they want full control over how the certificates are issued. For whatever reason they want to bring their own cert (BYOC), this post should help navigate the pecularities of getting it installed.

Generating a Let's Encrypt Certificate

In this post we’re going to create our own certificate using Let’s Encrypt that we’ll eventually use with an Azure CDN instead of using the certificates that are provided for free. Now why would anyone do that? I’m sure there are some reasons I just can’t think of any at the moment ;).

Community Building 101

“…success comes entirely from people and the system within which they work. Results are not the point. Developing the people and the system so that together they are capable of achieving successful results is the point.”

Leading Lean Software Development

Recently, that quote stirred some controversy among my peers. The part about “results are not the point” was hard for some people to understand and come to grips with. Aren’t results always the point? Well, as with most things, “It depends”.

Communication Planning

Many a project has gone down in flames because they failed to take the time to really think through a communication plan that educated their stakeholders of the organizational value of their project.  Communication is one of the most important factors to the success of your community. Without communicating your project or program’s benefits and successes, users and stakeholders alike won’t be aware of new offerings, program progress, or the goals and direction of your project.


Imagine being lost on a deserted island with no hope of being discovered with only a volleyball named Wilson to keep you company.  There’s a reason pirates used marooning as a form of torture.  It’s a miserable existence (if you can call it that) that usually doesn’t end so well.  But yet that’s what becomes of most corporate knowledge.  It’s left on various file servers and websites across the enterprise with little hope of discovery or rescue (aka. reuse).